Co-Founder, Senior Partner, CTO • February, 2017 — Present

  • Founding partner in new Michigan venture studio.
  • Leading project and infrastructure architecture for startups, small to medium-sized business.
  • Leading research and development clients in various verticals looking to utilize latest tech trends such as containerization, micro-services, machine learning, etc. to automate, simplify, expand their businesses.
  • Leading software development, project planning for full-stack applications.
  • Specializes in network security, SaaS architecture, blockchain products, and business process analysis.
  • Establishing industry practices in development, research, continuous-development, continuous-integration, orchestration.
  • Utilizing an ever expanding list of technologies, including: AWS (S3, EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFront, RDS, ElastiCache, Lambda, Route 53, VPC, CloudWatch, SES, SNS), Docker, GitHub, CircleCI, Kubernetes, Rust, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, Vue.JS, JavaScript (ES5, ES6+, CoffeeScript).

Venture Companies:

  • Sidepitch • CTO • May, 2017 — Present
    Leading technology stack & product development, architecture roadmap
  • SafeWhistle • CTO • Jul, 2017 — Present
    Leading technology stack & product development, architecture roadmap
  • Argonize • CTO • Jan, 2018 — Present
    Leading technology stack & product development, architecture roadmap
  • Ensureum • CTO • Mar, 2018 — Present
    Original inventor, leading technology stack & product development, architecture roadmap

TelNet Worldwide

Systems Engineer I • March, 2015 — February, 2017

  • Implemented support service redundancy with ElasticBeanstalk, a production-ready environment for highly-available DNSSEC and NTP services with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Developed end-to-end service provisioning systems with web-based user interface and REST automation API with Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, Semantic UI, Python.
  • Created Ansible playbooks to maintain and replicate DNS and NTP systems, developed plans for Chef automation of bare-metal server deployment, and used Capistrano, Docker, and GitLab CI to stand up a continuous integration environment.
  • Developed an interactive self-service customer portal with WebRTC & WebSocket functionality using Rails, Node.JS, CoffeeScript, Angular.JS, Ember.JS, and Bootstrap.
  • Setup and maintained in-house end-to-end DevOps environment (version control, continuous integration, testing) built with Vagrant, GitLab, GitLab CI, and Circle CI.
  • Upgraded many internal and external facing user interfaces with a combination of React, React Native, Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, jQuery.
  • Upgraded security infrastructure to support two-factor authentication, reverse-proxy protection, DNSSEC, single sign-on, federated access, triple-A, fraud mitigation, and industry compliance.
  • Lead maintainer of Linux, Windows, Mac OS X virtual, bare-metal, and end-user infrastructure.
  • Principle architect in VMWare platform and off-site AWS (S3, EC2, RDS), DigitalOcean redundancy.
  • Built and maintained many different code bases with a variety of language compositions, including: Ruby, Go, Python, Javascript (Plain, Node.JS, CoffeeScript), Bash, HTML, CSS.
  • Supported a variety of network infrastructure composing of Cisco, Juniper, and Fortinet products.
  • Maintained MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and MS SQL databases.

Grid4 Communications

Senior Director of Information Systems • May, 2011 — February, 2015

  • Built entire virtualization infrastructure comprised of VMWare products.
  • Automated maintenance and customer turn up on Cisco and Adtran networks, using Ansible, Rails, Bootstrap
  • Migrated and automated billing and services systems using Java, Ruby, PHP.
  • Maintained DNS (BIND) systems, MySQL, MS SQL databases.


Oakland University

Bachelor Degree, Computer Science • Awarded 2016